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Market – Conflicts of Interest

Discussing the Outset/Frieze Art Fair Fund, Stefaan Vervoort focuses on the egalitarian model of the art fair. Vervoort shows how this philanthropic construction creates symbolic value through the institution, thereby perverting the public model with the institutional mechanics it promises to renounce. Click here to read the essay.


Exhibition – Double Fraud

Talking about exhibitions, Stefaan Vervoort discusses the recent and popular phenomenon of interventional exhibitions in museums of fine arts, where a contemporary artist fulfills the role of curator. Referring to what Benjamin Buchloh termed an ‘ideological fraud’, Vervoort identifies this exhibition format’s problematic nature as grounded in a ‘double fraud’. Click here to read the essay.

Studio – Deflating Koons

In the Studio issue, Stefaan Vervoort reviews Jonathan Monk’s The Inflated Deflated exhibition at the Casey Kaplan Gallery (2009). Vervoort approaches the exhibition as a play on images that explores an alternative to the self-representational strategies omnipresent in Pop. As such, Vervoort argues,  Monk readdresses certain defining moments in recent art history and their latent potentiality. Click here to read the essay.

Museum – Stamping Art

Reviewing the Johan van Geluwe retrospective in the centre for the arts BE-PART, Stefaan Vervoort adresses the proliferation of cultural authorities and lack of self-criticism that accompanies an expanding museum landscape. Click here to read the essay.

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