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Market – Hype Park

The tension caused by the double value of art was explicitly noticeable at the 2009 Frieze Art Fair in London. In his essay, Martijn van Beek describes his experience of the fair, which was overshadowed by the notion of hyping. Emphasising the young, hip and fast, the artworks were sold at such a speed that there was no time for reflection. Moreover, van Beek identifies two distinct types of art history present at the fair. Click here to read the essay.


Exhibition – Repeopling the Palace

Regarding the exhibition as a mode of city marketing, as well as its legitimising narratives, Martijn van Beek explains the effect of an enormous exhibition in a small Italian village. The exhibition celebrated both the renovation of the royal palace in which it took place and the concept of democracy. Click here to read the essay.

Studio – Fragments of an Architect’s Life

The issue of self-representation in the cultural industries is not unique to the traditional category of visual arts but  also penetrates other cultural ventures. In his essay on Frank Gehry, Martijn van Beek projects the notion of the studio as a mirror of the artist’s work on the practice of the architect designing his own residence. Click here to read the essay.

Museum – Wake Up

Martijn van Beek focuses on the museum’s institutional identity and its corporate representation. In his essay “Wake Up”, he reveals the future aspirations of the Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum in an analysis of the institution’s new visual style. Click here to read the essay.

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