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Market – “Lard for l’Art”

In her essay “Lard for l’Art”, Laura Prins discusses market developments in the art world of nineteenth century France. Prins gives a historical account of the practice and strategies of art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel and thus identifies a predecessor to more recent protagonists of the art market. Click here to read the essay.


Exhibition – Trashy Politics

When Giuliani, then mayor of New York, publicly criticised the Sensation exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum (1999), Hans Haacke commented on what he called a “violation of the First Amendment” with the work Sanitation (2000). Reviewing this work in relation to the rest of Haacke’s socially and politically engaged oeuvre, Laura Prins argues its problematic nature. Click here to read the essay.

Studio – An Elegant Radical

At the end of the nineteenth century, Edouard Manet opened his studio to friends or public on several occasions. Laura Prins investigates how this seemingly radical act led to a reevaluation of Manet’s artistic status, both past and present. Click here to read the essay.

Museum – Generous Criticism

Recently, Gemeentemuseum The Hague’s director Benno Tempel stated that the museum’s sponsors should be mentioned in art reviews. Laura Prins comments on this noteworthy statement and  discusses issues of museum sponsorship and the institutional responsibility that comes with it. Click here to read the essay.

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