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Market – Untitled

Jane Boddy reviews Andrea Fraser’s video piece Untitled and its presence in the current Pop Life exhibition at Tate Modern, London (2009-2010). Boddy examines how Fraser addresses the old metaphor of the prostitute/artist and the client/collector and how this reflects on the art value of the work and where it resides. Click here to read the essay.


Exhibition – Wild Thing

Jane Boddy reviews the current exhibition on Epstein, Gaudier-Brzeska and Gill at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. Focusing on Epstein’s Rock Drill (1913) and its remakes, Boddy explains how a recent exhibition tries to make a spectacle out of an early twentieth-century sculpture and in the process disregards the artist’s intentions. Click here to read the essay.

Studio – Long Live Chagall

With the publication of Vasari’s Vite in the sixteenth century, the artist’s (auto)biography came to be regarded as an important source in the understanding of himself and, by extension, his work. For centuries, it has thus remained a primary medium of artistic self-representation. In her essay on Chagall’s My Life, Jane Boddy examines the relations between literary and painterly narratives by reconsidering the text as a manifesto rather than an autobiography. Click here to read the essay.

Museum – Been There, Seen That

Considering the critical issue of the museum, Jane Boddy’s article takes on the notion of the audio- and multimediaguide. Equipped with a headset, she tours the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum, analysing the way in which technological aides effect the aesthetic experience. Click here to read the essay.

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